What is Link Building?

The purpose of link building is to get other websites to link to yours to borrow their audience and improve your rank results. To achieve this, we find as many websites with good traffic to link back to our client’s sites. Before reaching out to the desired webmasters, we do a thorough review and analyse their websites’ data and metrics.

Our analysis looks at everything right from the website’s IP Address, how much traffic it gets, page authority, domain authority, and Trust and Citation Flow.

Our Link Building Services

The same way a link acts as a bridge and instant navigation from one page or site to another is how our SEO link building will connect you to the audience you want.

Our team analyses the website we want to link back to client sites, and the website’s backlinks. We study the linking strategy they employ and types of anchor texts used. Once satisfied, the next step is to negotiate a fee for sponsored guest post content. Once an agreement is reached, we send the content to them for publishing and make the necessary payments. We also contact the sites found in their backlinks also to get them to link to our brands.

Link Building and SEO

Link building and Search Engine Optimisation are mutually inclusive. They have a symbiotic relationship that allows both processes to achieve the best results. As we look for websites in our link building campaign, we consider the quality of links.

Our team constantly monitors the links that are built. In these checks, there are two main gages they look out for:

1. That there are no toxic spammy links.

2. All our purchased links are live.

These checks are done daily. If any of our links are not live or removed, we contact the webmasters responsible, to restore them immediately. As soon as toxic links are identified the first port of call is to have them removed. Should they not be removed, we immediately submit the responsible sites to Google Disavow so that such links are discounted and do not incur any penalties for our brands.

In addition to the daily checks on the link building, we collect monthly reports of all the inbound links pointing back to us from all the webmasters we work with.

The Benefits of Link Building

  • Link building allows search engines to discover your brand quicker. 
  • High-quality links are a ranking factor. Hence, by virtue of building quality links through good webmasters, you improve your page and domain authority.
  • Improved domain authority, in turn, improves your chances of ranking well in SERPs.
  • A broader audience from the links built through various websites.
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